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My name is Rachel and I’m a Personal Stylist and fashion addict. From 2003-2013 I lived in Panama City Beach, Florida as a hair stylist. I felt like I was the too overdressed of a person in a town of cutoffs and flip-flops, though I’ve heard it has gotten better in the last year and a half. Now I call Birmingham, Alabama home and I have to say, I love it here! It’s by no means NYC or L.A. but it definitely gives off a ‘City’ vibe. Hell, they even have their own fashion week here. I am obsessed with fashion. I love it. Everything about it.

About 4 years ago I decided to start a personal style blog so I have somewhere to talk about my obsession. So come often and even become a follower and I will try to update as much as possible. If you are interested in being styled by me (local or long distance) email be below. And if you are interested in collaborations you can email me directly or check out my Fohr Card.
Chandler Tindall

Some Random Facts About Me

  • My birthday is in May so that makes me a Taurus. Chandler is a Pisces.
  • We haveĀ an online women’s boutique called Heaven & HelFyre.
  • I met my Chandler during my junior year of high school and we’ve been together ever since (with one short break up).
  • Chandler and I were both born in Wisconsin though he was born in Green Bay and I was born near Milwaukee. We both grew-up in Waukesha (basically the Milwaukee area). Chandler moved to Panama City Beach/Santa Rosa Beach, FL in May of 2001 and I followed after Christmas of 2002. We now live in Birmingham.
  • I used to hate lipstick but now love just about every color
  • In high school my longest job was at a mall kiosk called Time Square where I sold watches, sized bands and replaced batteries.
  • My name is Rachel, my husband’s is Chandler and when I first moved to Florida we had a roommate named Ross. Get it?
  • I am a licensed hair stylist (in Florida) and still need to get my AL license. (Probably won’t happen)
  • I shop too much! Chandler tries to hide the credit cards šŸ™
  • But I sell a lot of my stuff in my various shopsĀ so that helps… (see my Shop My Closet page under the Online Boutique Link)
  • I was chosen to be one of the judges at Miss teen Alabama 2013 but due to scheduling conflicts was unable to do it. I’m so sad I missed that opportunity. But fate came around and presented me the same opportunity again! I will be judging at the end of September 2015!
  • I’m kind of obsessed with Olivia Palermo (but who isn’t?). Her style is impeccable.

Rachel@tohellinahandbag.netSlate & Stone Porte Mode


The pictures of what I am wearing are the sole property of me and can be used as long as you link back to my site. Also, please shoot me anĀ email if you do end up using one of my images.

Also, please note that if you leave a comment on To Hell In A Handbag, I will follow your link to see what’s happeningĀ on your site.

Thank you so much for visiting To Hell In A Handbag!

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