Fohr Card

Interested in Collaborating? See my Fohr Card.

Hello! This page is for companies and PR agencies looking for more information. If you are interested in collaborating with Chandler and I, we have many options available. Please see our Fohr Card / Media Kit for some information and stats. Also, Chandler and I are open to receiving products but we cannot guarantee that it will appear on the blog. If we love it we will definitely post about it but at the moment Chandler and I run a small business so paid sponsors and advertisers are top priority. If you would like to send one of us (or both) your product, please mail to the address below. If you have more questions or inquiries fill out the form or email us at

To Hell in a Handbag

c/o Rachel Olivia or Chandler

1916 Chateau Cir. #206

Birmingham, AL 35209

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