Understanding Your Dietary Needs

Nutrition should be at the centre of any plan you have to make your life healthier. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find the right type of diet to follow. Everyone seems to be promising that they will be the best thing you’ve ever had, but without anything to…

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Hot Hair Trends – Battle of the Sexes

Hot Hair Trends – Battle of the Sexes This is a throwback post to October 2016. But I promise our hair trends are just as relevant today. Chandler and I were just signed to a local Birmingham model agency called Model Firm Talent. For a good laugh here is Chandler’s…

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Hello! We are Rachel & Chandler: husband & wife for a long time yet complete opposites. Also, parents of 2 boys. To Hell in a Handbag is a lifestyle journal dedicated to fashion, beauty and our home as a married couple in Seacrest Beach (Hwy 30a), Florida.

Starting Your New Year Health Kick In Style – 5 Things You Need To Do

With the obligatory January 1 hangover now in the past, it’s time to finally get your new year’s resolution of healthy living up and running. Don’t panic; the journey ahead is a lot less bumpy than you fear. Or at least it can be if you follow the right path.…

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