An Interview With Rebecca Minkoff

So I had the very exciting chance to interview Rebecca Minkoff for her upcoming visit to Saks Fifth Avenue here in Birmingham. How freaking cool is that! I mean, it’s Rebecca Minkoff and I absolutely cannot wait. Her brother Uri, Creative Director of Ben Minkoff will also be in attendance so make sure to stop by Saks Birmingham on December 2nd from 6-8. And if you have a RM piece, bring it by so she can sign it for you!

Rebecca Minkoff Tan Crosby

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THHB- First off, congrats on the newest addition to your family! I’m a huge fan of unusual names and Bowie Lou is a great one! Where did you come up with it?
RM- My husband was listening to a lot of David Bowie when I was pregnant, so when we were toying with names, Bowie kept coming up- and it stuck!
 Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Tech The new wearable technology, the Notification Bracelet and the beautiful Stud iPhone Charger, so cool!
THHB- A boy and a girl, lucky! I have two boys myself. So is your family complete or might we see more additions to your beautiful family?
RM- Complete for now! We’ll see how we feel about more children in the next couple of years.

Rebecca Minkoff Lexi Bucket BagTHHB- So, I have to ask, why did you decide to become a fashion designer and what’s your favorite part of the job?

 RM- As a teenager, I had a strong interest in fashion and I moved to NYC to attend FIT after high school. I started interning with a fashion designer, and learned so much from that experience. The fact that I get to do what I love for work is so amazing! Definitely something that I never take for granted. My favorite part of the job is designing pieces that my customer loves. Nothing is more fulfilling than walking down the street and seeing girls in our ready-to-wear, wearing our shoes, or carrying our handbags. I love seeing how girl’s across the United States style my pieces and make them their own!
rebecca minkoff dina dress
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THHB-  I love your new tech-enabled jewelry and accessories! Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
RM- I love the notification bracelet (see up top) because it lets you stay connected without constantly being glued to your phone.
THHB- In stores now we are seeing your gorgeous Fall collection which I love by the way. The boy meets girl look is fantastic. I’m especially fond of the flowing dresses and skirt topped off with masculine coats. And the Karma Jacket! Perfection! So I have to ask, where did the concept/inspiration come from for your Fall Collection and do you have a favorite piece?
RM- The idea for fall was taking classic menswear pieces and making them feminine and wearable for our customer. It’s hard to say my favorite piece, but I will say, I’m very fond of the coats like the Kennedy coat and the Cullen (below and on sale!). I love how the Kennedy coat allows you to have that tailored look and doubles as a chic capelet!
Rebecca Minkoff Cullen Coat
THHB- You also make the most edgy yet wearable shoes. Like the Malla Too Boots. Love! Why such edgy footwear when you also offer womanly designs?
RM- I love the idea of the juxtaposition of feminine and masculine I see our girl wearing these boots with a feminine dress like our Hayes Dress.
THHB- Okay, so your bags are fantastic! Only you could make a fanny pack cool, and your backpacks just lovely. Did being a mother inspire you to incorporate hands free bags into the line?
RM- I think the modern women needs a hands free bag in her life! Be it a mother of two or a young woman who attends a lot of concerts. That idea of not worrying about your bag is universal.
THHB- What three items do you believe every woman should have in her closet?
RM– Every woman should have a pair of chic black pumps in her closet. I Love a low, feminine pump like our Brie (buy below). It’s the perfect shoe to carry you from day-to-night.
Another must in your wardrobe is a great jacket! Add a style like the Becky, Kane, or Ace to your outfit for the perfect polished look. 
It goes without saying that a versatile handbag is an essential! Our Love Crossbody has been a huge hit for fall because it’s a great everyday bag. Wear it as a cross-body for day and remove the strap and carry it as a chic clutch for a night out on the town! 
THHB- I have an entertaining question. I read in an earlier interview that you like to leave your guests with a DIY party favor. What are your favorite DIY’s that the readers at home (me) could try themselves?
RM– I recently went to a brunch where everyone had a bunch of wild flowers tied with twine, a mason jar (for the vase) and florist shears at their seats. In the middle of the table were large vases filled with different varieties of roses and greenery. During brunch, we were encouraged to make our own bouquets. It was such a fun experience!
THHB– You are a beautiful woman with fantastic skin and hair as well as a rocking body. What hair and beauty products do you swear by? How do you keep in such fantastic shape after having two babies?
RM– Thank you, how sweet of you to say! I try to book a facial with my favorite guru Joanna Vargas every three months. She’s magic, I swear! In between facials, I use her products, her Vitamin C face wash and Daily Serum are some of my favorites.
As far as fitness, I always make time for my trainer, Kelvin and Body Space Fitness. 
THHB– It seems you’ve dabbled in just about everything, what’s next for the Rebecca Minkoff Brand?
RM– We’re opening our first few stores in the US this year. It’s an exciting time for the brand we’re growing and I’m excited to have a retail presence
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  1. Corine wrote:

    LOVE Rebecca Minkoff and um,… I NEED that gold charger in my life STAT.

    Posted 3.7.15
  2. Kelly O'Malley wrote:

    I bet it was amazing to be able to pick her brain. The clothing is beautiful, especially the maxi dress. One of my favorites.

    Posted 12.20.14
  3. Alina wrote:

    Fun interview! Love her brand.

    Posted 12.12.14
  4. Sean C wrote:

    Great interview. Love all the clothing!

    Posted 12.12.14
  5. nicole dziedzic wrote:

    Some fabulous pieces here, and what a fun interview, pretty amazing you had this opportunity. So lucky.

    Posted 12.12.14
  6. Fashion Blawger wrote:

    Wow, that’s amazing. How did you land such an interview? As a fashion law blogger who loves the intersection of tech and fashion, I most like the tech bracelet you showed here!

    Posted 11.23.14
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