Barbed Wire

I’m sort of obsessed with these Zara heels. So happy I bought them and now I want them in the color-blocked version. I’ve had this Parker dress for a while, this is my second time wearing it. The first time the pictures turned out like crap so they didn’t make it on the blog. I just love the shape and pattern.

cardigan (old) and heels: Zara, dress: Parker Barbed Wire Dress, earrings: JewelMint

I’ve been playing with different braids lately and the one I’m wearing above is just a basic side braid but to make it look bigger and messier you use a sewing technique where after you braid you take a tiny strand from the middle, hold it and slide the rest of the braid upwards. Does that make sense? After doing that the strand you held down will be longer than the rest of the braid so when I put the band on I just looped it as you can see above.



  1. Alyssa May Edwards
    October 2, 2012 / 4:47 am

    Those shoes are to die for oh my gosh!!!



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