Getting Botox for the First Time? Here’s What to Expect?

Getting Botox for the first timeConfession time. For a fashion and beauty blogger, I have never once been to a dermatologist or the like. I’m vain but I’m also not rich so when I was contacted by local magazine B-Metro to help cover the Petro Facial Plastic Surgery and Medspa Grand Opening event on December 3rd (more details below), well you know me, I was like ‘Hell yeah, count me in!”.  Keep scrolling to hear about my first experience at a facility like this.
Petro Facial Plastic Surgery Petro Facial Plastic Surgery and Medspa Waiting Room Chandelier Petro Facial Plastic Surgery and Medspa Services offered at dr. petro'sSo I called to make my appointment and everyone was super friendly. Everyone knows their own skin concerns and mine are from biggest to least (for me, yours may be different): I already have those “11” lines between my eyes, they bug the crap out of me! I used to be able to just smooth them away but, nope those demons are here to stay. Next issue, as you get older you still get zits, sorry to tell you younger girls, but they never go away. And worse yet, when a zit does disappear sometimes it leaves a dark spot in its place. I’m like, come on, first a zit and now this, seriously? And the last of my facial skin concerns are the fine lines that have begun to show up in my eye area. It’s almost as if they are mocking me and getting worse every day. I hate you fine lines. There, I said it.
Botox for the first time Dr. Petro Reception Dr. Petro Vestavia Hills awards Dr. Petro eau thermale avene productsNow onto my appointment. First of all, the building is beautiful. If you are local, it a 3 story, red brick building with white columns (and that’s just the outside) in Vestavia Hills right by Party Time. I have to mention this because they moved recently and the first time you go it’s a bit difficult to find, but easy-peasy after that. You walk in and it’s like, whoa. Is this Heaven? Dr. Petro is the most beautiful facial plastic surgeon I have ever seen, which is a good thing. Seriously, would you trust a troll with your face? I didn’t think so. So, not only is she gorgeous but she has impeccable taste in interior design as well. It’s all glass, and mirrored tables. and well, more mirrors, white leather furniture and beautiful paintings everywhere you look. Those of you reading this, if you live in the South I highly recommend making your way to Vestavia Hills in Birmingham just for the experience, because the decor is great but that’s not all.
Petro Facial Plastic Surgery OfficeIMG_0069 What to expect your first time getting botoxSo this is how my first time getting Botox goes. I walk in and greet the super friendly gentleman behind reception (you can see him up top), I give him my name and he gives me papers to fill out and asks if I would like anything to drink. I passed as it was my first visit and I was a bit nervous. Now I am sitting in the gorgeous waiting room with a wall of awards. Seriously. Did you see that pic? Petro’s got it going on! Anyway, after filling out the required documents I hand them in and a super friendly nurse (I suck at names, but I promise I’ll remember next time!) leads me to an exam room, where she asks the usual questions you’d expect at a doctor’s office and then gets into what I think my problem areas are so I go for number 1 (remember? from above?), the “11’s” in-between my eyebrows. She says Botox will take them away as I figured. Hey, just because I haven’t had anything done, I still read. She then leaves and says that Dr. Petro will be with me shortly. I’ve already mentioned how beautiful she is but when she walks in I’m like super intimidated. I don’t know what it is, but beautiful, confident women scare me. I shouldn’t really say they scare me but they definitely intimidate me. But Dr. Petro was so easy to talk to, like I want to be her best friend. Okay, no stalker talk here. So I reiterated about the “11’s” and she agreed that Botox was what I needed so she had me make a mad face so she could see how deep they go, as well as what strength I would need. She told her assistant what she needed and while we waited we talked about her new location (cough, cough, 905 MONTGOMERY HWY. SUITE 101, VESTAVIA HILLS, AL 35216), her Grand Opening which BTW is December 3rd from 5-7 pm, there will be amazing door prizes so this is an event you do not want to miss!

Once her assistant returned, Dr. Petro got to work. She uses insulin needles because they are the smallest on the market which also means they are the least painful. As for the pain, there wasn’t any. I went in a bit nervous but there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. When getting Botox in-between your eyes like I did, she just had me make a quick angry face again so she knew where to administer the injections, and a quick maybe 6 painless injections later, it was over! The whole procedure took less than a minute. One thing to be aware of though if you are thinking of getting Botox for the first time, the results are not immediate. It takes about 3 days for you to see the results and boy was I astounded. Seriously. I could not believe how amazing the skin looked in the treatment spot, it hadn’t looked that smooth since I don’t even know when.

Now what I really need is some Botox in the fine lines by my eyes. That would make me one happy camper. Have you ever had Botox before? If so, what do/did you think? Tell me in the comments!



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  3. Rachel
    March 11, 2016 / 8:20 pm

    Oh good! I’m glad it helped and it’s something I would definitely do again!

  4. March 11, 2016 / 8:12 am

    I haven’t had botox yet, but I am definitely not opposed to doing so. This post definitely eases my mind, to where I may try it a little later down the road. Thanks for sharing!

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