Color at Home with Madison Reed

Color at Home with Madison Reed –

Hi gals (and guys)! My hair has been pretty damaged since working as a hair stylist in Florida so I was so excited to try this color and share the results with you. I am showing you a fun new way of coloring your hair at home with Madison Reed. This incredible brand helps you pick out the perfect hair-color for you based on a series of questions (your Hair Profile) and you can also call their Color Crew for Custom Recommendations at 1.888.550.9586. Madison Reed also has a voice-controlled app with step-by-step instructions to help you out! So cool! I, personally was very impressed! First off with their incredible packaging, the amazing products inside and as you can see in the video, the before and after is quite astonishing, even my ends feel sooo much better!

Madison Reed

And here is a special deal for you guys! Get half-off your first hair-color box with Madison Reed by clicking here and entering code: LOVEHAIR (only valid through Sunday 2/15). 
Also in the video I said I would provide a link to my favorite Chanel lip gloss in Seduction and you can find it here
I was also wearing my new favorite nail polish by JINsoon in Audacity which you can also find here. This is the perfect dark, very dark, red IMO. 
And finally, my necklace which is a favorite from RocksBox and right now I have teamed up with them to give my fans and readers their first month free by using code rachelxoxo6. But first, just head on over to RocksBox and enter my invite code rachelbff20. 
I think that’s all for now but feel free to ask any questions and check out my YouTube Chanel as well as my Instagram .
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Tell us what you think!


  1. Karen wrote:

    So pretty and natural!

    Posted 3.7.15
  2. Corine wrote:

    LOVE boho dresses!!

    Posted 3.7.15
  3. Judy Thomas wrote:

    I always mess it up if I do it myself .

    Posted 3.7.15
  4. Kellie Harrison wrote:

    Coloring my hair at home always terrifies me. I just know I’ll mess it up!

    Posted 3.5.15
  5. Amanda wrote:

    Perfect I have been wanting to put a little red in my hair!! Thank you for this! xoxo

    Posted 3.3.15
  6. Rachel wrote:

    Seriously, the box alone the product comes in is pretty darn impressive!

    Posted 2.26.15
  7. md kennedy wrote:

    I have never colored my hair and heard a lot about Madison Reed – I’ll check ’em out!

    Posted 2.26.15
  8. Rachel wrote:

    Thanks Trish! That’s super sweet! Tomorrow I’m actually headed to the salon for a trim. 🙂

    Posted 2.24.15
  9. Trish F wrote:

    I have been coloring my hair on my own for a couple of years now and I was surprised at how easy it really is. I’de like to try Madison Reed. Your hair came out so amazing. So healthy and shiney.

    Posted 2.24.15
  10. Alison Gibb wrote:

    The Madison Reed hair color sounds wonderful! It’s great to get a review of a hair dye from a stylist! Thank you so much!

    Posted 2.22.15
  11. Ronald Gagnon wrote:

    These are terrific…but are they applicable to a man’s use also?

    Posted 2.14.15
  12. Richard Hicks wrote:

    Can save a lot of money DIY!

    Posted 2.14.15
  13. soapoperaspy wrote:

    The color looks insanely beautiful, the difference really shows!

    Posted 2.13.15
  14. Brenda wrote:

    The color looks amazing!

    Posted 2.13.15
  15. ClaireC. wrote:

    You are amazing, I love it!

    Posted 2.13.15
  16. Danette Lykins wrote:

    Looks like a great product- thanks for sharing!

    Posted 2.12.15
  17. krissie wrote:

    love the color looks very natural

    Posted 2.13.15
  18. Kellie Harrison wrote:

    Wish I could be saying “Spring Came Early!” Beautiful dress 🙂

    Posted 2.12.15
  19. Kati Rose wrote:

    I love love love this dress! The colors and cut are so perfect. It falls in line with the 70s boho vibe that’s going to be huge this spring.

    Posted 2.12.15
  20. Judith Asuncion wrote:

    Omg!!! Love love love the dress!!!

    Posted 2.12.15
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