Eating Away the Hidden Germs Living on Your Face

You have some hitchhikers on your face. The trouble is, they are not wanted or invited to jump on and unless you do something about it, they’re going to stay there. Hey, if they establish a foothold they might have pitch a tent and stay around for the long haul. In the meantime you’re going to look and feel worse all because of some microscopic germs that you didn’t give the old heave-ho’. They live in the crevices but some are so bold that they will openly sit in no man’s land. They are camouflaged and we can’t see them with the naked eye but we can see the damage they do to our skin. Patches of red skin where our bodies are trying to fight back can become noticable. The end result is not blotchy but patchy skin. We can easily confuse the two but blotchy is something that happens when we have bad blood circulation. Patch skin is where the tone of our skin actually changes because we aren’t taking proper care of ourselves. Washing away germs is easy, it’s knowing when, where and how to do it that takes effort.

Cleaning your eyes

The eyes are perhaps the most sensitive part of our face. They are incredibly complex and they need to be cared for every day so they don’t become itchy, red or give us blurry vision. However because they are so sensitive there is right way and multiple wrong ways to clean them. First of all keep it simple by washing your hands, then rinsing your eyes out with lukewarm water. Do not at any point touch your pupils, allow the water to do the work for you. Next use eyelid wipes, these will wipe away the germs around the eyes that are trapped in the folds of your soft skin. Use them to wipe underneath your eyes too but never touching the eyelashes or pupil either. Your eyes clean themselves with each blink, so all you need to do is clear the area around them as close as you can.

Rejuvenate after washing

Washing our skin is a double-edged sword. On the one hand we’re getting rid of the germs that are on the surface and in our pores but on the other side, we’re also washing off our protection. We need the natural oils that our skin secretes but washing our face twice a day at least is
necessary. Skin that doesn’t have natural oils will crack and age quicker. Right after you wash your face use a anti aging treatment that will plump up your skin and rejuvenate it with vitamin C. The acid in the serum will stretch and tighten the skin, taking up the slack until your skin is ready to secrete the oils once again. Hyaluronic acid is also something you should use in moderation so your skin can smooth out the lines and any wrinkles that have formed.

Washing away the germs on our face takes a little bit of skill. Just dunking your face in water is not the end of it. Use eyelid wipes to unseat the germs trapped in the crevices around your eyes. Acidic serums are great to use straight after you wash your face.

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