Five Amazing October Finds

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Five Amazing October Finds –

Happy Friday ladies and gents! Today I have five amazing October finds to share with you! With it being my favorite month of the year, all these products are Fall themed with the exception of two (or three) which are great all year long! Keep reading so I can tell you all about some fun new things you may just want to get your hands on.

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First up let me tell you about a brand of coffee beans that are new to me. They are by Onyx Coffee Lab (best name ever!) and the flavor I am using is Ethiopian Guji Hambela which is from the Gugi region of Ethiopia. The taste has undertones of raspberries, white grapes, lychee, and chocolate malt. I mean come on? How delicious does that sound? Check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Now excuse me while I make a cup.

Speaking of making a cup first you will need a coffee grinder, I have this one and it’s very inexpensive and works perfectly. Then you go on to your preferred method of brewing coffee, you can use it in a k-cup, a drip coffee, or my favorite method, the French press. While I wait for my coffee to be ready I move on to my next favorite new items…
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If you haven’t heard of May Designs yet you need to check out graphic designer Mica May’s work immediately! As you can see my notebook has my initials on it, love! Mica designed the notebook to be “fashionable yet functional that could easily fit in a purse”. So while I wait on my coffee I go through the day’s to-do list and add items as needed.

Mica May started her company in her living room and several years later has grown so much her designs have been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and OMG, one of Oprah’s favorite things! She doesn’t do just notebooks either, Mica has expanded May Designs to include greeting cards, stationery, and canvas-bound photo books. And lucky you my dear readers, May Designs has offered you 20% off everything on the site (through October) with code: ACORN-20. Be sure to check out her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while you are at it.
May Designs notebook onyx coffee lab
Now while I am working in my May Designs notebook and drinking a delicious cup of Onyx coffee I also have my new favorite seasonal candle burning for ambiance and creativity. So I know you have all heard of Glade candles before but my new favorite scent is from their Limited Edition Fall Collection. It’s called Pumpkin Pit Stop and it’s amazing! It smells like “whipped vanilla and crystallized caramel”. So good it makes me hungry just smelling it. The scent also fills the whole house which is quite the accomplishment and really brings on the feeling of the Fall season. For more info check out Glade on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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After preparing my to-do list and while drinking my delicious cup of coffee it’s time to get ready for the day and you better believe my beautifully scented candle is making the trip to the bathroom with me. When blogging from home and watching a 4-year old all day the perfect hairstyle is the classic ponytail. Whether you prefer to wear yours high (like me), low, to the side (as long as it’s still low!), or mid-height I have the perfect hair ties. They are Goody Hair Elastics. The pack I have comes in colors that will match your natural hair color as well as a couple metallic which are my favorite. Find Goody on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
IMG_9250 IMG_9253 IMG_9254

IMG_9261 IMG_9272 IMG_9277 IMG_9286
And last but far from least, we have the magical children’s toy, The Switch Witch. This one is a new discovery to me but has such an amazing story behind it you may want to get one for yourself (or your child if you have one). The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft comes with your very own plush Switch Witch doll and a 20-page hardcover book. As you can see Jaxon got all dressed up in his Halloween costume to take these photos and open the box (with big brother Jaiden’s help). Doesn’t he look freaking adorable?!

The Switch Witch concept was developed by Audrey Kinsman whose son suffers from Celiac Disease. Since she has the disease herself and seeing how upset her son was knowing he couldn’t eat most of the candy he received trick-or-treating due to his food allergy she came up with the idea of “Switchcrafting” the very candy he was allergic to.

The idea is, which can also be read in the book, is that your Switch Witch needs candy which she magically turns into energy to fuel the Witchy World. First, good boys and girls pick out their very favorite pieces after trick-or-treating and then they “donate” the rest to their Switch Witch who will then magically “Switchcraft” the candy for a toy or book on Halloween night.

Also be sure to check out their Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram.

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So what do you think of my October Favorites? Do you have a favorite?

Tell us what you think!


  1. May Designs looks so cute and I am all about buying Glade candles!!


    Posted 10.23.15
  2. omg I havent seen the witch yet! That is genius! I cannot wait to have a kiddo so I can do that with them! Loving your finds, especially that his and hers mug!

    xoxo Amanda
    The Miller Affect

    Posted 10.20.15
  3. Mary wrote:

    How cute are all of these amazing finds! Thank you for sharing!!


    Posted 10.20.15
  4. Amanda wrote:

    I can almost smell the amazing aroma from the coffee and candle in your pics!! Love!! <3
    Amanda |

    Posted 10.19.15
  5. This is a super fun all inclusive post and the photos are all really nice and have that fall spirit within them. I enjoyed reading through everything and I have to admit, you have some great October finds! The switch witch is what intrigued me the most…mainly because I know nothing about that realm of things in life. In a few years, I may know more haha! xx,

    Posted 10.19.15
  6. These all look amazing!!! I love me some notebooks especially personalized ones!!!


    Posted 10.19.15
  7. Karen wrote:

    I neeeeeed that Pumpkin Pit Stop! I am so all about pumpkin everything during this time of year, so that looks fabulous! And with Glade I know it will be good and affordable. Yet another reason for me to stop at Target! haha…
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

    Posted 10.19.15
  8. Anna wrote:

    I absolutely love Glade candles! They always have the best smell – perfect for all the seasons! Great choice! XO


    Posted 10.19.15
  9. Darcy wrote:

    So many great fall finds! The Switch Witch seems like a great concept!

    Posted 10.19.15
  10. Elle Spann wrote:

    i LOVE onyx coffee. so good.
    Southern Elle Style

    Posted 10.19.15
  11. Cailyn Howard wrote:

    Isn’t fall like the best time ever? I want that candle in my room like now!

    Posted 10.19.15
  12. LOVING your mug!!! This post definitely puts me in the mood for Fall!!

    Posted 10.19.15
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