Gift Guide for Him – Cute, Funny, and Fashionable

Gift Guide For Him

Gift Guide for Him –

If you’re anything like me then you are still Christmas shopping or have barely even started (guilty!). Over the next couple days, I have some ideas for the different people in your life starting with a Gift Guide for Him. Chandler has a few of these items and loves them so I wanted to share our thoughts with you as well as some items I know he’s been looking at. FYI, this gift guide is interactive, just click the number for whatever item you are looking at and it will take you to that page. I will also be linking below. Happy Holidays!

  1. First up, if you a looking for a cute or funny t-shirt I have two options for you. The first “Boy Maker” is by Revol Roots and is funny because Chandler and the men in his family only make boys. In the Tindall family line of men, there hasn’t been a girl in 60+ years. Crazy huh? It also comes with sayings about multiples and girls.
  2. This t-shirt is so cute and Chandler loves how soft it is. Loved by Hannah and Eli make these among other items. I have a “Mama Bear” one and Jax has one that says “Man Cub”. They only go to size 12 though so older kids are out of luck I’m sure they would “rather die than wear matching shirts with the fam”.
  3. Chandler loves his Daniel Wellington watch so much that before he got one for himself he would wear one of mine. We love the black and white but they also have a very cool new collection called Classic Black and those are amazing! Side note: Use code TOHELLINAHANDBAG for 15% off your purchase!
  4. To go with the Daniel Wellington watch we absolutely love the new Rose Gold Cuff. It looks amazing worn with or without the watch. The cuff also comes in silver and a smaller size for daintier wrists.
  5. For the fashion-forward man in your life, I promise you he will love this next idea. It’s called A Perfect Pair and is from a company called Aklasu. For less than $100 you get this tie and pocket square in very cool packaging. Both pieces are handmade in Como, Italy from 100% silk. I’m pretty sure these two items should cost more so I think it’s a fantastic gift idea and a great deal!
  6. If you haven’t heard of Alexis Drake yet you definitely need to check out their goods. They do some really amazing things with leather and I love this bracelet for Chandler. It is something he would definitely wear on his days off with jeans and a t-shirt.
  7. Lastly, this Alexis Drake briefcase is awesome. It comes in a bunch of different colors but I love the Rocky Brown or Ruby Red for Chandler. The other colors are amazing for us women which I’ll talk about in an upcoming gift guide.

So what do you think of my Gift Guide for Him? Do you have a favorite item? What are you giving to the man in your life for Christmas this year? Tell me in the comments!

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