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  1. Winda wrote:

    Happy b-day to your blog!:) You look so stylish and csienstont in every post that I’m so jealous of you! I on the other hand, go back wishing I could delete some of my older posts just because how poor they are compared to the newer ones (picture quality, text, styling etc.). But I guess while you blog more, you develop somewhere along the way.Anyway, keep up the good work!:)

    Posted 2.29.16
  2. Mai Tran wrote:

    I’m very obsessed with those wide-legged denim jeans. They flatter short legs perfectly.

    Posted 12.22.14
  3. TrishFr wrote:

    I love that scarf. The perfect fall item. I think you paired it perfectly with the denim shirt.

    Posted 12.21.14
  4. Meg Arthur wrote:

    It’s almost unfair how cool you look. I love this outfit 🙂

    Posted 12.17.14
  5. You look amazing in this denim on denim look!!

    Posted 12.17.14
  6. Kelly O'Malley wrote:

    You looks so cute on your little wagon ride 🙂 Happy belated Thanksgiving to you as well.

    Posted 12.15.14
  7. Jasmine Stanford wrote:

    I must have those boots!

    Posted 12.14.14
  8. I so love the color of your scarf!

    Posted 12.13.14
  9. Lynda Del wrote:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! Love your color combos of your outfit!

    Posted 12.11.14
  10. I love the mix of denim. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

    Posted 12.11.14
  11. ALina wrote:

    Your outfit is fantastic. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

    Posted 12.11.14
  12. nicole dziedzic wrote:

    I am so in love with that necklace! I love the print on the scarf as well, and love how your wearing this entire look. Very pretty!

    Posted 12.10.14
  13. Sean C wrote:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving. Love the outfit!

    Posted 12.10.14
  14. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you as well. Great outfit. I’m really digging those boots.

    Posted 12.9.14
  15. I love your outfit and that scarf really went and blend well to your whole look!

    Posted 12.9.14
  16. Margarita Ibbott wrote:

    Love the whole outfit. I especially love the purse. You can never have enough purses.

    Posted 12.9.14
  17. Barbie Ritzman wrote:

    I want those boots, they are so awesome! Right up my alley!

    Posted 12.9.14
  18. Lisa Rioux wrote:

    First let me compliment you on the branding of your site and especially the name of your website. Very nice. The products that you have displayed are very chic and stylish. You comfortable and at ease modeling them.

    Posted 12.9.14
  19. Stephanie wrote:

    The whole outfit is really well put together!

    Posted 12.9.14
  20. Rebecca Swenor wrote:

    This is a cute outfit. I love the boots, necklace and the scarf with that shirt. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 12.8.14
  21. mail4rosey wrote:

    Such a great photo shoot. I love that it’s outside and has the pumpkins for the natural scenery.

    Posted 12.8.14
  22. I love the full outfit! 🙂 so warm and still looks gorgeous.. love all the photos by the way.. 🙂

    Posted 12.8.14
  23. Very nice, you pull off the bellbottoms well 🙂 and I love your scarf.

    Posted 12.8.14
  24. Fiona Naughton wrote:

    This outfit is stunning, I’m loving the 70’s vibe. That scarf is beautiful!

    Posted 12.8.14
  25. Michelle Hwee wrote:

    Lovely outfit! 🙂 I love your hair!! 😀

    Posted 12.8.14
  26. Trisha Grimes wrote:

    This is such a great look on you and I’m loving the boots although I would never be able to pull them off as well as you do! That scarf is amazing too!

    Posted 12.8.14
  27. Carra D wrote:

    Great outfit! I really like the shape of your glasses.

    Posted 12.8.14
  28. CourtneyLynne Storms wrote:

    Fabulous outfit!!! Especially the scarf!!! Omg just absolutely love it 🙂

    Posted 12.7.14
  29. Catherine Sargent wrote:

    I like the entire outfit. The necklace is really pretty.

    Posted 12.7.14
  30. Melissa Smith wrote:

    As usual, I love your look. You always manage to look glamorous in the simplest of things!

    Posted 12.7.14
  31. Looking good and love the scarf, happy belated thanksgiving

    Posted 12.7.14
  32. You look adorable. I love everything from the earrings to the boots. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 12.7.14
  33. yonawilliams wrote:

    Cute jeans and boots – very cute. I tried wearing straight leg pants the other day, and it just didn’t feel right to me.

    Posted 12.7.14
  34. Robin Rue wrote:

    I love the boots. I had no idea bell bottoms were still in – I only see skinny jeans these days around the city 🙂

    Posted 12.6.14
  35. Ann-Louise Lindberg wrote:

    I like your J Brand jeans!

    Have a nice weekend!

    Posted 12.5.14
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