How To: The Braided Knot

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am showing you my first how-to video so I hope you like it. One of my goals this year was to start making videos and I’m sure I’ll get better with practice. And if you like my “The Braided Knot” you can check out (and subscribe?) to my YouTube channel here. Enjoy!
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Tell us what you think!


  1. What a great tutorial!! I’m definitely in need of more help in this area. 😀 Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 3.24.15
  2. Brooke wrote:

    Great tutorial! I will have to try this as I love doing new things with my hair. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 3.24.15
  3. Great video! This looks so cute. Hair tutorials are my favorite types of videos. Keep em coming!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

    Posted 3.23.15
  4. Rachel wrote:

    Thanks Brenda! I have more to come!

    Posted 3.23.15
  5. Brenda wrote:

    This is so cool. I have to definitely try it. I love hair tutorials. Thanks for sharing!!


    Posted 3.23.15
  6. Rachel wrote:

    Will do! I just bought a microphone so the sound should be better going forward!

    Posted 3.23.15
  7. Amanda wrote:

    Please keep up these hair tutorials!! Loving them so much!!! xoxo Amanda

    Posted 3.23.15
  8. Taylor McLemore wrote:

    I wish I had the patients to do this! It’s so cute!

    Posted 3.8.15
  9. Ashley wrote:

    Cute! Not sure if I can do it but I’ll try it!

    Posted 2.22.15
  10. Emily Endrizzi wrote:

    Great video. Can’t wait to try it.

    Posted 2.22.15
  11. Jennifer Heintz wrote:

    I’ve got the long hair (not to be in style, I was always to lazy to keep it up). The tutorial makes it look easy, and maybe with more practice mine could look like that. Thank You.

    Posted 2.20.15
  12. Aunt Renee wrote:

    Great tutorial! I need longer and thicker hair!!

    Posted 2.5.15
  13. Astra wrote:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I’m looking forward to seeing your other videos.

    Posted 2.1.15
  14. puffybudder wrote:

    This is really good to know. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 1.29.15
  15. Cool look!

    Posted 1.24.15
  16. Kelly O'Malley wrote:

    Really good tutorial. I am pretty sure I would end up with a mess, but you make it look pretty easy 🙂

    Posted 1.23.15
  17. md kennedy wrote:

    Such a great look – makes me wish I had long hair again!

    Posted 1.23.15
  18. Mai Tran wrote:

    This looks cute. After watching this, I’m sure gonna be spending another hour in hair tutorials.

    Posted 1.21.15
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