t-shirt: 4 Paix, denim: 7FAM, necklace: Alabama Funk (if interested here is her Facebook page. She will custom make you a like the one I’m wearing!)
Here are the second set of shots from my shoot with Birmingham photographer Brad Lovell. As I said in the last post, Brad is an amazing fashion photographer but he’s also a master of posing. I’m not a model, and I still feel self-conscious when getting my picture taken but Brad is great at making you feel at ease and guiding you in the best way to position yourself without feeling odd. So I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Tell us what you think!


  1. Katrina Gehman wrote:

    i love the pants, they look awesome. the photos are amazing!

    Posted 8.31.14
  2. Beautiful pictures no need to be self-consious, the outfit looks nice too, well done.

    Posted 8.30.14
  3. Latricia wrote:

    I am loving this. You look great and I really like your necklace. It is so unique!

    Posted 8.30.14
  4. ManeAngels wrote:

    I love the scenery! I wish there was some place her in city to shoot photos like this! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.30.14
  5. You posed great. My favorite is the second one. You pull the outfit off great.

    Posted 8.29.14
  6. Savannah Miller wrote:

    The photos look amazing! You look great in them Brad did a really good job 🙂

    Posted 8.29.14
  7. Amanda wrote:

    I love that outfit… Very 70’s and than 90’s… I think I had a pair of jeans just like them and I miss them so much, they were my favorite.

    Posted 8.29.14
  8. Scott wrote:

    Great shots! No reason to feel self-conscious, you look great in them.

    Posted 8.29.14
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