Interview with Alexandra of Ivory Closet & City Chic Living

Alexandra Nicole of The Ivory Closet

Today I am sharing my interview with Alexandra Nicole of women’s fashion boutique The Ivory Closet and fashion blog City Chic Living. A few days ago I shared my first Ivory Closet Style Icon post and actually have two more coming this month. Make sure you read it so you know what I’m talking about, lol. Here is your chance to get to know a bit about this #girlboss who runs an amazing blog, online boutique, 3 brick and mortar stores, has a husband, son and has a baby on the way! Whew! I just get tired reading all that! Also, throughout the interview you will notice different widgets containing my favorite items from The Ivory Closet. There’s one for dresses, tops, beauty and accessories (with some fun extras thrown in). Let me know in the comments which Ivory Closet items are on your wish list! And if you do feel like shopping, Alexandra was sweet enough to give everyone a 15% discount with code STYLEICON15. It’s good until August 31st on all full-priced merchandise. Now I hope you enjoy this interview!

-What are your three favorite items now carried in The Ivory Closet?

1. Lola Slimming Jeans are always my NUMBER 1 FAV! I love that they donate to Breast Cancer Awareness, are so in tuned to women empowerment, and of course…that they slim!

2. Our Ellen Anchor, a The Ivory Closet brand, Seamless Reversible Tanks. These undershirts are long enough to layer, don’t roll up, can be worn as a scoop neck or v-neck, and are slimming. Talk about versatility! They tend to sell out very quickly.

3. Coobie Bras, because I am SUPER pregnant and they are a one size fits most in regular and full size. I love that there are no snaps and that they do not cause under arm rolls, serious preggo lady problems! Most of my customers really like the comfort and support that they give. They have been featured in a lot of huge fashion magazines as award-winning undergarments and I can totally see why.

-What are your favorite trends this Summer?

I can immediately tell you the one that I hate, EMBROIDERY! I just can’t do it! I put one embroidered style in The Ivory Closet just to say I have the trend but I stayed away from all of the others. I am normally not stubborn on seasonal trends but the chevron trend 3 years ago and the embroidery trend this year were two I wouldn’t budge on!

I really love that 90’s style is coming back with a vengeance. I became interested in fashion when Gwen Stefani hit the scene, the Rachel cut was in, and Spice Girls were all the rage. I love reminiscing about the styles of the 90’s!

-What made you decide to start blogging?

I actually started blogging to generate content for my online shop. I became tired of it quickly. It wasn’t until I realized that blogging should not be done for anything or anyone else but yourself that my creativity began to flourish! I started to experiment with different topics of interest. I fell in love with photography and writing which naturally evolved my blog to fit my personality and not the brand that I was trying to create for my shop. Once this happened, readership rose, brands began to reach out, and my frequency picked up because it became an outlet and not a job.

-Which item in your closet is your favorite and why?

Right now I have a floral, long kimono that I have worn out (see picture above). It is my favorite because it is the only fashion forward item I can fit into at 36 weeks pregnant! haha

-What are your favorite/ go-to beauty essentials?

My cosmetic line. I started a treatment/beauty based cosmetic line in 2007 called Adel Amor Cosmetics ( and have continued to evolve it over the years with some pretty awesome products! Right now I can’t get enough of my Liquid Matte Lipstick line and am swooning over the contour palette that I am releasing in August!!! I have spent 3 months trying to perfect the color choices for my contour palette and I think I finally nailed it! I can’t wait for the product to arrive in the shop!!

I also LOVE, LOVE the Makeup Eraser. It is not my brand but I carry it in the shop and on my makeup website because it really does work! Just the eraser and water for a squeaky clean, makeup removed face! Pretty miraculous!

What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

I used to think fashion was my dad’s button up flannel shirts, a choker, JNCO jeans, and Adidas tennis shoes. At least the choker trend was fashionable enough to make it to round 2!

-How do you manage your time running your blog, The Ivory Closet and family efficiently?

Minute by minute. I am a scheduler and list writer by nature but rarely does it all go according to plan. I have learned that the schedule will hiccup and I have to tell myself “I am only human and I can only do what my body and time will allow” then I take a deep breath and head to my next appointment late without freaking out. Or when I do not get my entire list done in a day, I just add it to the next day and tell myself not to get overwhelmed. I have lowered my expectations of myself when it comes to time because there are always unforeseen  obstacles that arise during the day. There will always be fires to put out at work and there will always be extra days to get work complete…unless of course if the good Lord makes other arrangements. Your children and your family are really the only things altered by time. They grow up and older and memories can be made without you so making sure you prioritize what’s most important is key. Speaking of….my son and husband are playing in his room right now..probably a memory I would like to be a part of so that is how I will be spending my evening! Prioritization at it’s best!

-What would you say to other female entrepreneurs who are contemplating following in your footsteps?

The work is FULL TIME Expect to have 60+ work week hours, different stressful obstacles every day, and be ready to take risks. I am not trying to scare ladies away. I am just trying to be real. It looks fun and easy. Fun it is…easy is a HUGE overstatement. Running a small business is like spinning 10 plates on two fingers above your head constantly while walking on a ball. LOL NO EXAGGERATION!!!!

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