A Laser Hair Removal Walkthrough

Laser Hair Removal

A Laser Hair Removal Walkthrough

January is already coming to an end and summer will be here before you know it. Something I have been researching for myself and you guys is laser hair removal. If you love shaving your legs as much as I do then I am sure you have thought about it, right? It was the 90’s when laser hair removal first gained notoriety as a popular way to remove body hair, and in 2012 more than 1.2 million laser hair removal procedures were performed (!), crazy right? Basically, that shows the steady increase in popularity the procedure has gained over the years. And today is no exception. If you are looking for a way to keep unwanted hair away for a longer period of time than you can with shaving or waxing this is something you and I definitely want to consider. Here is a brief walkthrough of the laser hair removal process.

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How Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Effective
Laser hair removal treatments are effective because they use light and heat treatment to weaken hairs down to the roots, also known as follicles. The process of doing so is called photothermolysis. When the hair follicles are damaged they eventually fall out. It also takes a long time for hairs to regrow after treatment because, unlike with shaving, the entire shaft of each hair falls out, with no hair left lurking immediately under the skin ready to pop back through the outer skin layer right away. Uh, doesn’t that sound amazing?

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Types of Lasers for Hair Removal
Today, there are several varieties of lasers which are used to remove all that unwanted body hair. Among them are Alexandrite, Roby, Diode, and YAG lasers. Each device has its own major attributes and potential detriments based on your exact skin type. In order to choose a form of lasers-equipment that’s best for you definitely research all your options and discuss them with your doctor.

How Quickly Lasers Are Effective for Hair Removal
When you opt to have laser hair removal you must go into the procedure with an understanding of the fact that it will take time in order to get rid of the hair completely, and the hair will eventually grow back in most cases. Laser treatment is meant to simply prolong the time it takes the hair to regrow, not prevent regrowth entirely. They type of laser used, your skin type, the amount of hair treated, and the other distinguishing qualities of the hairs will influence both how quickly they disappear and how quickly they reappear.

For the best ongoing results, laser hair removal treatments must be repeated, but sessions should be several weeks apart. After several sessions, you will see a definite improvement, but the eventual return of the hair may make you want to have additional sessions in the future. The area on your body where you are having treatment will also impact your results because the hair on your face, for example, grows back at a different rate than the hair on your legs, arms, or back. Each area of the body has different hair growth characteristics, therefore, you must be patient when it comes to any form of hair removal, especially laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal and Your Personal Safety
A final note: when it comes to laser hair removal your personal safety is key. As mentioned above, not every laser can be used safely on every person. However, skincare clinicians are trained and certified in laser hair removal and other skincare procedures. A good dermatologist or skincare expert can tell you exactly the kinds of lasers which can be safely used on your skin. During your consultation with a skincare expert, you can also ask additional questions to prepare yourself for the process of removing your unwanted body hair. Then you will be well informed and equipped to make a final decision about which type of laser treatment you want to try. Obviously, there is so much more information out there, this is just what I have learned so far so definitely do your own research and I will continue to on this end. I will also keep you informed if I decide to take the plunge!

Have you had any laser hair removal yet? Or are you thinking about it? Tell me in the comments and let us know what else is good to keep in mind.

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