Get Lighter Brighter Hair for Summer

Lighter Brighter Hair

Get Lighter Brighter Hair for Summer

Even though Spring has just started, today I want to talk to you about hair. Specifically, a product that has been around for decades that will help you achieve lighter brighter hair damage-free. Do you remember SunIn? The product we would douse our hair in, sitting in the sun hoping to achieve those covetable blond locks? The reason it’s been around so long is that this stuff actually works. While it won’t take you platinum blonde, it will bring out those natural highlights you get from spending your Summer days outdoors. And that’s what is really in anyway, lighter brighter hair that shines.

Lighter Brighter Hair with SunIn

Get Lighter Brighter Hair with SunIn

Above is obviously one way to use it, spray your hair while out in the sun to bring out some natural highlights. but what I love about SunIn is that because it’s heat-activated, it also works with the heat from your hairdryer. After washing your hair, spray all over or you can even just spray on the areas you would like to brighten. Then blow-dry as normal. To get the fastest results, the more heat you can apply the better. Or you can do what I did and just use it every time you dry your hair to gradually lighten. The difference is truly amazing. If you scroll to the bottom I have a before and after photo of when I started using SunIn and it really has given me the lighter brighter hair I was after. All that without any damage thanks to SunIn’s advanced conditioning system. It has illuminators, botanical extracts and it’s alcohol-free!

lighter brighter hair

Another plus, SunIn works on both blondes and brunettes. And if you do have a darker hair color you won’t have to worry about it turning your hair orange since it’s just bringing out those natural highlights. So if you want lighter brighter hair for Summer start using SunIn now. It’s available at Walmart for less than $4! Have you ever used SunIn or do you think you’ll give it a try? Tell me in the comments!

Above, my before and after photo when using SunIn.

tee: The Clothing Co. / skirt: Storets (similar, in black)/ cardigan: River Island / handbag: Cult Gaia / hat: Brooklyn Hat Co. / sunglasses: FEISEDY / lipstick: Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color stick in Cherry Pink w/ Model’s Own Lix Matte Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry Mojito on top / hair: SunIn

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  1. Lavenda Memory wrote:

    This product sounds terrific for the summer!

    Posted 4.9.18
  2. I totally remember this stuff from when I was a teenager! I didn’t care for the smell back then, but hopefully it’s improved haha. I had no idea it also worked on brunettes!

    Posted 4.5.18
  3. Katya wrote:

    This is such a wonderful product. It has been around for a long while now and I bet it gets better while the brand ages and progresses. This seems to be super effective.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    Posted 4.4.18
  4. Oh loving this and how much lighter your hair got by using it! I need to keep this in mind for the summer when I go quite a bit lighter!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    Posted 4.3.18
  5. I’ve used this product for years!! It really does work so well!

    xo, Steph |

    Posted 4.3.18
  6. stylelullaby wrote:

    ooohh i need to try this for summer! i’m always a fan of sunkissed/lighter hair 🙂 your hair looks beautiful! xx

    Posted 4.2.18
  7. Deborah wrote:

    How fun! I tried SunIn years ago but I think my hair is too dark for it to get lightened ha!

    Posted 4.2.18
  8. ajmobley wrote:

    I LOVE this product. Fabulous!

    Posted 4.2.18
  9. I had no idea Sun In was still around. I used to use it growing up many many moons ago.

    Posted 4.2.18
  10. Amanda wrote:

    Your hair is gorgeous! That before and after is awesome.. definitely going to look into using SunIn this spring and summer!

    xx, Amanda
    Poised Avenue

    Posted 3.31.18
  11. kileen wrote:

    This is such a cool product! Definitely lightened your hair!

    cute & little

    Posted 3.30.18
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