My Daily Hair Transformation with TRESemme

I don’t have the best hair. After years of abuse it’s thinned considerably and I always seem to have split ends even after a trim, though I refuse to start over by cutting it short. So these days I try to take better care of it and it’s paid off as my hair grows faster now, my baby hairs are growing back in, and I color it a lot less often. Plus I wash it maybe 2-3 times a week. My natural texture (first pic) after a shower is wavy but not the good kind of wavy, I’m no Gisele, maybe because it’s fine and thin. So a blow dryer is a must for me. I’ve tried letting it air dry but it just gets really flat and greasy even faster than usual. I used to use a multitude of products until I came across the ┬áTRESemme Keratin Smooth Smoothing Serum product. For less than $6 this product is amazing! It seriously made my hair so silky smooth and it didn’t make it greasy at all! So after my shower I applied this product and waited until my hair started to dry a bit before blow drying. Hair tip: Do not blow dry your hair while it’s soaking wet, that will just add too much heat and add unwanted damage. So the second picture is what my hair looked like with just that one product and a blow dryer. Seriously smooth and frizz free right? For my everyday look though I’m not sure I like the straight look on me so I use a 1.5 inch curling iron starting on the sides and curling away from my face. For the rest I alternate directions so it doesn’t look too “done”. And the finishing touch is the Keratin Smooth applied to the ends. Now the product says it works best in conjunction with the TRESemme Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner. I have not tried those yet but as happy as I am with the serum I may just give them a go, and you really cannot beat the price!
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  1. Kyla Currier wrote:

    I love the keratin line from Tresemme! I love the shampoo and conditioner most!

    Posted 3.7.15
  2. Adaleta wrote:

    Your hair looks absolutely lovely & I can 100% attest to having thinned and damaged hair due to years of not treating it the best! xx, Ada

    Posted 3.5.15
  3. Emily Endrizzi wrote:

    You have really amazing hair. I love Tresemme products too. That’s all I use.

    Posted 2.26.15
  4. Kelly O'Malley wrote:

    I agree with the other readers. you have GORGEOUS hair! I am going to try this product though, my hair could use some serious help.

    Posted 12.18.14
  5. jillian wrote:

    look great! i need to try this product. xo jillian

    Posted 11.11.14
  6. Cynthia Hoyt wrote:

    You look like you have fantastic hair! I feel ya on the hair abuse though, I was a hair model for a while and they destroyed my hair! It’s taken me 4 years to recover but my hair is finally back to normal! I love the before and after, I have super curly hair so when I blow it out I definitely need a sleek and smooth product!

    Sensibly Sharp
    Find me at : bloglovin’ | facebook | instagram

    Posted 10.29.14
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