Playoff Bound: Go Pack Go!

Green Bay Packer Sweatshirt

Playoff Bound: Go Pack Go! –

While I was living in Wisconsin I was never really into football. I was a high school cheerleader but ask me what was happening in the game and I had no clue. But I’ve always had a family that was into the Green Bay Packers and now I have a hugely devoted husband as well. And surprise, surprise, my husband has turned this girl into a huge Packer fan as well.
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Even though we haven’t actually lived in Wisconsin in almost 15 years, the Green Bay Packers are a piece of home that is with me a few months out of the year no matter where I live. There are Packer fans all over this country and even though Wisconsin isn’t very close there are cities like Atlanta, Nashville, and New Orléans that are so if Green Bay is playing there, we are more than happy to sit in the stands with the other displaced fans.
IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0717Wearing a Laguna Cowl Neck Pullover and Cameo Knit Leggings

This time of year, when I’m thinking of family and what they may want for Christmas, I’m never far off when I start digging around NFLShop.com. Since everyone in my family is a Packer fan I know I can find something for everyone there, even the hardest of shoppers. This sweatshirt I am wearing s awesome and looks just as cool with jeans as it does with leggings when playing with the family. NFL Shop has really cool options no matter what team you’re cheering for (though I hope it’s not the Detroit Lions) and it’s super easy to get lost on that site once you start looking around.

For more NFL fashion check out @NFLFanStyle on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You will find tons of cool ideas and inspiration there! Go Pack Go!


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