Show Off Those Stems with Smooth Legs For Summer

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Show Off Those Stems with Smooth Legs For Summer –

I swear it feels like 100 degrees out today! Most of the Summer what you wear depends how hot it feels that day and how little you can get away with wearing without looking “indecent”. When it feels as hot as it does today I am likely showing as much skin as possible in two of my favorite Summer trends, short, loose dresses and rompers. But what I hate about these looks is the need to have smooth legs and shave practically every single day. I swear I have stubble an hour after shaving but what can you do unless you have the time and moolah to visit a professional waxer every month? Do the waxing yourself of course! There are a lot of DIY waxing kits out there now but the best are by Sally Hansen. This brand has so many varieties not only will you have smooth skin on your legs but Sally Hansen has kits for your face too!

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The loose mini dress is so great because well, it’s loose and mini. Duh. Check out my favorites from Nordstrom above. Just beware of windy days or you’ll be showing the world more than you’d like. This trend means smooth legs are a must, and all the way up if you know what I mean? I purchased two different wax kits from Target because it’s the best store ever! The first is the Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit (below) which is perfect for your face, eyebrows and bikini area. These are great because you don’t even need a microwave. They are precut in 3 different sizes which you warm up by rubbing the strips between your hands. Peel and now you have two strips which you apply to your desired area, rub in the direction of hair growth and then rip off in the opposite direction while holding the skin taught. I like these for my upper lip, (yeah, yeah, you know you wax your’s too) and my bikini line and will sometimes remain hair free for up to 8 weeks. Speaking of bikini lines, during these Summer months that’s also an area you want to make sure is nice and smooth because it’s swimsuit season baby! I put a lookbook of my favorite swimsuits from Nordstrom below so if you want to rock these, make sure to try the wax strips so people aren’t staring at your unsightly hair growth instead of how awesome you are rocking that swimsuit!
IMG_1192 IMG_1169 IMG_1175 Another of my favorite Summer trends are rompers which are oh-so perfect for us petite gals. They make our stems look longer and are hot weather appropriate! Besides giving ourselves the smooth legs makeover you will also want to make sure to spray-tan to give the illusion of extra-long legs. As I mentioned before I hate shaving, so to wax my legs I use the Sally Hansen Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Kit, seen below. This one is great for even the most stubborn of hairs like mine and grabs the hair, not the skin so it’s super gentle. It comes with a jar of wax that you heat for 30 seconds, 8 wood spatulas, 20 cloth strips, and a finishing oil. After heating your wax test it to make sure it’s not too hot. When the temperature is just right dip in a spatula and start spreading the wax over your legs the width of one strip but for the length leave a spot at the end so you can easily tear it off. When applying the strip rub it in the direction of hair growth and then tear that baby off in the opposite direction. Now marvel at all those hairs on the strip, it’s quite fascinating (or is it just me?). Repeat this process until you have smooth legs that feel like a baby’s bottom! This whole process is so much cheaper and convenient than having a pro do it for you. Now you are the waxing pro to rock the Summer trends that show off your legs and bikini line, not to mention removing those unwanted hairs on your face!

IMG_1199 IMG_1333 IMG_1351 The below image is exactly where you can find these products at your local Target store. Look for the shaving aisle and stand in awe of the selection of Sally Hansen hair removal products to make sure you have smooth legs for the ridiculously hot weather we are experiencing. Also be sure to check out the how-to videos and more information on the Sally Hansen products here.  Have you tried at-home waxing? Let me know what you think?
Sally Hansen Wax Kit at Target


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