The Period Projects – Get Involved!

Period Projects

The Period Projects – Get Involved!

While everyone is shopping their hearts out at Nordstrom and before I do some damage myself, I wanted to take a moment of your time and introduce you to a women’s cause that we can all really get behind. Save as little as $10 and instead of putting it towards some cute shoes or a new handbag I want you to buy a pack of U by Kotex feminine products and drop them off at your local homeless shelter. Why you may ask? I’ll tell you. U by Kotex is partnering with The Period Projects which is a donation drive called Power to the Period. Homeless women have it hard enough but one thing that they do not have easy access to but should are period products. Imagine for one moment being that girl or that woman who doesn’t know where their next meal will come from, or if they can even get a bed at a homeless shelter. Now imagine it’s that dreaded time of the month. I mean, how bad can things get? Really bad. So today I have teamed up with U by Kotex and am going to tell you all about The Period Projects and a fun way for us to also get involved. And it’s so easy! Period.

U by Kotex The Period Projects 1E9A9845A woman named Holly Sanchez, pictured here, sent out a tweet that started this whole cause. After learning how difficult it is for women in homeless shelters to get their hands on period products she made a call for action that something needed to be done to help. And now it is but we can always do more. There are so many ways to get involved! The Power to the Period Donation Drive is actually U by Kotex’s second installment of the Period Projects which are basically ways for me, you and women everywhere to get involved in. Keep reading to learn how you can help and by getting involved you could even win a $5000 scholarship!
1E9A0076 IMG_1030The best way to help homeless women everywhere is to head over to and join the Power to the Period campaign to sign up and start your own drive, and again, let’s not forget about the chance you would have to win a $5000.00 scholarship! Go to the site and join the campaign. You will receive facts on homelessness ,periods, and best of all, tips and tricks for running your own successful drive! You can run your drive at your school, church, or anywhere in your community. Make sure to only collect unopened boxes of products so the recipients can have the instructions as well. It ends on September 30th and your goal is to collect and donate as much products as possible. I signed up myself, so join me in helping homeless women get the products they need for that extra challenging time of the month! Also, check out the U by Kotex brand page on The Period Projects for some really fun and amazing information!
IMG_0477 IMG_1148Oh and if that wasn’t enough incentive to get involved, YouTube celebrity Ingrid Nilsen is so why not?! Check out her super cute video below!

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