My Traveling Necessity – The Vaseline Lip Tin

Vaseline Lip Tin
My Traveling Necessity – The Vaseline Lip Tin –

Today I am partnering with Vaseline to share some exciting news with you. You know those very cute lip balms that come in a tin, the Vaseline Lip Tin? It comes in four amazing flavors, is already famous in the UK and has finally made it’s way stateside! If you think that’s an odd thing to get all excited about well you just wait. If you continue reading I have a list of some things you may never thought that Vaseline could be used for but first I will explain why this product is the #1 necessity for my handbag, especially when I am traveling.

IMG_5983 IMG_5988 IMG_5995The Vaseline Lip Tin in Rosy Lips is a must have when I am out and about. Firstly, I love that the lip tin is super cute and secondly, the Rosy Lips adds a slight tint while moisturizing which is a must for me.  Seriously, I feel like I have chronically dry lips and it’s even worse when I travel! We took these photos back home in Florida so I made sure to bring along all four lip tins: Original, Cocoa Butter, Aloe and Rosy Lips. These babies really help defend my lips against the air and keep them hydrated when I am going here and there. They are also the best thing to have on hand when I am with the boys. It truly is amazing how crazy dry and chapped their lips get. No matter how many times I tell them they continue to lick their lips even when the chapped redness starts creeping towards their chins. Fortunately, they don’t mind when I pull out the Aloe Vaseline Lip Tin and rub it on them (on practically the whole bottom half of their faces!). If you want to get your hands on these babies they are available at Target and other mass retailers.

IMG_6023 Now, as promised, here are some things you can do with Vaseline besides give super moisturizing power to those gorgeous lips of yours!

  • Dab a bit of that Vaseline on your cheekbones to act as an illuminator.
  • Rub some into your elbows for extra softness!
  • Dab a small amount onto the places you spray your favorite scent, it will help hold longer.


  • Mix a little Vaseline with some sugar and use it as a lip exfoliator!
  • Coat your lids with the Original formula and off comes your eye-makeup (so easy!)
  • Add a bit on your eyebrows and then brush through. Those eye enhancers will stay put all day!


  • Use some Vaseline to tame split ends and frizz.
  • Get together with a loved one and give each other amazing massages! You may need the tub for this one!
  • Soothe parched skin after shaving.

IMG_6007 So I hope you liked the tips and maybe even learned something new! Don’t forget to get yourself a super cute Vaseline Lip Tin or two (or three) because you know, a girl has to have all the flavors!

Now let’s talk about my outfit. When I travel I like to be comfortable and ready for anything, I mean I have not one but four Vaseline Lip Tins in my handbag. So I am wearing this amazing shirt dress that is so very comfortable and since it’s black it goes with everything. I paired it with these super cute sandals by Earthies called Crete. They’re perfect for walking and I love that they have a little wedge for that extra bit of height plus they are perfect for the upcoming season. Next up is some minimal jewelry. When you pack you really do not want to bring a bunch of crazy pieces. For our quick getaway I brought this super cute gold collar necklace from Fashionest which can be mixed and matched with just about any outfit (plus aren’t the little knots on the ends the cutest?) as well as two of my favorite rings- both have druzy stones and of course my DW watch. Last but not least my black Rebecca Minkoff handbag and a pair of versatile sunglasses by Miu Miu. Easy, breezy and perfect for walking around a beach town.

IMG_6029 IMG_6038 IMG_6047 IMG_6044 IMG_6027 Wearing a C/MEO dress, a gold collar from Fashionest, Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar), rings by Kendra Scott and Robyn Rhodes (similar), Earthies sandals, Daniel Wellington watch and Miu Miu sunglasses (use code: HANDBAG, for your first month free).

Even though this post is sponsored by Vaseline all opinions are my own. If I wouldn’t buy it or use it you will never hear about it. So I really appreciate you supporting the brands that allow me to continue my blogging journey! You are the absolute best!

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    Thanks for the sweet comment! The shoes surprisingly stay put, as long as they are fitted, they won’t go anywhere. ????

    Posted 4.3.16
  2. Leanne wrote:

    Love the simple chicness of your entire outfit! Love the sandals, (I’m already a fan of “Earth” Brand shoes), but wondered, are they hard to keep on your feet, or do they “stay put”?

    I guess Vaseline and all it’s many uses are not new to me, and I have my Mom to thank for that! 🙂

    Love your Blog..I’m a new Follower!

    Posted 4.3.16
  3. Megan wrote:

    Love that dress on you, such a great cut and classic color. Xo, Megan,

    Posted 3.9.16
  4. Courtney wrote:

    I think I might be the only one who has never used vaseline as a lip balm. Those tins though are making me want to give them a shot too!

    Posted 3.7.16
  5. Shelbi wrote:

    Who knew there were a million and one ways to use Vaseline! Definitely storing this away so I can remember to look back it!

    Signed by,
    Shelbi | It’s All Chic To Me

    Posted 3.2.16
  6. Mary wrote:

    Firstly you look so chic in this! Loving that dress with those sandals! Amazing! Loving these lip balms – so fun and Im seeing them everywhere!


    Posted 3.2.16
  7. First of all, you look so chic in this black dress. Those slippers are fab, too. Second of all, OMG do I ever need these lip thins in my life. My lips are so dry this time of year they crack and bleed. 🙁 These are so cute… Need now…

    Cameron Proffitt

    Posted 3.2.16
  8. Charlene wrote:

    Great dress!! It looks perfect for travelling and walking around all day! I’ve tried out the rosy Vaseline lip tin after my cousins brought it back for me on their recent trip to Ireland. I love that it gives your lips a touch of colour! My lips are always chapped so I always have a tin of lip balm in my purse.
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

    Posted 3.2.16
  9. Molly Moon wrote:

    I love these little lip tins, too! I keep them stashed all over the place and the Rosy one goes everywhere with me in my bag.

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

    Posted 3.2.16
  10. McKenna wrote:

    LOVE this outfit! You can never have too much black in your closet!! xo

    Posted 3.2.16
  11. McKenna wrote:

    LOVE this outfit! You can never have too much black in your closet!! These little vaseline tins are so cute! xo

    Posted 3.2.16
  12. Chandler MacWilliam wrote:

    Forget the lip stuff…you’re rocking those sunnies and I love your choker. But I too…can’t go anywhere without Vaseline….it’s in each purse I have!

    Posted 3.1.16
  13. Amanda wrote:

    I have been hearing so much about these vaseline lip tins! I need to pick some of these up on my next run to Target!

    Amanda ||

    Posted 3.1.16
  14. Brittany wrote:

    I love that black dress, It looks fabulous on you! I love vaseline! I use it every night to moisturize my lips. There are so many great uses for vaseline! Love this post!



    Posted 3.1.16
  15. Cara wrote:

    I’ve been seeing these everywhere lately and can’t wait to get my hands on some!! I’ve heard such great reviews and it helps that the packaging is super cute! <3

    Posted 3.1.16
  16. elle spann wrote:

    ahh such good tips! can’t leave home without a good chapstick and you’re making me think that my one of choice should be vaseline. I’ve used it before, but not in such cute tins!
    Southern Elle Style

    Posted 3.1.16
  17. Adaleta wrote:

    I’m loving my lip tins, they are incredible & I highly recommend them too. Vaseline is known for making dry cracked skin nice and smooth! xx

    Posted 2.29.16
  18. I love my Vaseline lip tins! The pink is perfect for a tint!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

    Posted 2.29.16
  19. Tami wrote:

    Vaseline is a popular brand in my home. I am on the lookout for these new lip tins. I gotta have ’em!

    Posted 2.29.16
  20. Olivia DeFilippo wrote:

    Seeing these everywhere lately. Definitely need to try them out!! Love this post so much.

    Posted 2.29.16
  21. L&W wrote:

    These new lip tins are so cute! And, yay for being available at Target. Will for sure have to try the rosy tint. We love a bit of pink!
    ~Lindsay & Whitney

    Posted 2.29.16
  22. Arabella wrote:

    Vaseline is such a must have in my handbag, haven’t thought about using it on my hair! will have to give that a try


    Posted 2.29.16
  23. preeti wrote:

    LOVE that black dress! those lip tins are too cute. i also use vaseline to moisturize after shaving! a little goes a long way!

    Posted 2.29.16
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