Feeling Confident with Vera Wang Embrace

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Vera Wang Embrace

Feeling Confident with Vera Wang Embrace –

You all know how my style changes with my mood. I hate to pigeonhole myself because I love all fashion. Recently I have noticed there is one thing that remains constant, there’s always some sort of bohemian aspect to what I wear. Also, whether I am dressed for day or a night out with Chandler, I am wearing a perfume that feels completely me. It puts a pep in my step and helps me hold my head a little higher. It also helps when it’s a scent that Chandler loves on me. Vera Wang Embrace in Marigold and Gardenia is that fragrance for me. It’s the newest addition to the Vera Wang Embrace family and smells amazing! Keep reading to see details for two different looks inspired by this scent.  One for day and one for night and I included the undergarments that make me feel desirable. One is a little cute and the other a bit sultry. But both go with Vera Wang Embrace. Also at the end you will have the chance to win a Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance kit!

Vera Wang Embrace Bless'ed are the Meek Adore Me Underwear Feeling Cute and Confident I start with a set of white lace underwear and a spray of Vera Wang Embrace. That alone feels indulgent. The act of getting ready in a cute set of underwear and your favorite scent. My first outfit is light and airy much like the fruity and floral scent of Marigold and Gardenia. I put on a white dress with crochet details and long batwing sleeves, very boho. Snakeskin sandals and a beaded lariat necklace finish the look. Now I feel as though I can take on anything. Except for maybe a glass of red wine.

Love Pendants and Robyn Rhodes Necklace Callahan Crochet Dress Jessica Buurman Heels Adore Me Sexy underwear Since I took the time to get dressed and ready for the day, by the time Chandler walks through the door I am still feeling confident and happy that I tackled my to-do list. Nothing gives you that extra boost of confidence more than when your significant other mentions how fantastic you smell. It just makes you feel desirable and when you have been married as long as we have that is an especially amazing feeling. We decide to go out for dinner and drinks which means I need to change. No wine spills on the white!. After another spray of Vera Wang Embrace Marigold & Gardenia I decide a sexier look is in order. This black bra and thong set starts off my going out look. I throw on a crochet and fringe maxi dress with a slip underneath. My favorite heels and a necklace with a “C” for Chandler finishes off the look. We end up having an amazing time.

Love Pendents

For my night out look: a Callahan dress, Jessica Buurman heels (similar), Adore Me black underwear set, a Love Pendants necklace. My Daytime look: Bless’ed are the Meek dress, Coconuts by Matisse heels, Robyn Rhodes necklace (use code RACHEL15 for 15% off anything) and white underwear set by Adore Me. Both looks make me feel my most confident and beautiful with a spritz of Vera Wang Embrace.

Too often, we as women put everyone and everything before ourselves. Whether we are wives, girlfriends or mothers, taking time for us always comes last. I’m ashamed to say it’s not irregular for me to be wearing my pajamas from the night before when Chandler gets home. That right there does not make me feel confident. So ladies it’s time for us to enjoy and appreciate who we are as women. Take the time for ourselves to feel confident, beautiful and even desirable. And if all that takes is a shower and a spray of your signature scent, then so be it. Enter below for a chance to win a kit with all four fragrances from the Vera Wang Embrace family. If you can’t wait just head to your nearest Kohl’s or online to purchase for $29.99.

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