Women’s Rogaine = Beautiful Hair

Rogaine for women
Women’s Rogaine = Beautiful Hair –

I don’t know abut you but when I am in the shower it seems as if I am losing way more than the “average” 100 hairs a day. I even have the broken “baby” hairs along my hairline, let me tell you, not fun at all. I thought I really need to put a stop to this before I end up bald! Ah, can you imagine? Enter Women’s Rogaine.

To Hell in a Handbag Beautiful Hair with Rogaine J Brand High Waisted Flares
Let me tell you, Women’s Rogaine is a miracle worker. Before this post here I have had 3 months to use the product so I could share with you the results. This product comes in a can and dispenses a fragrance-free foam that is to be used daily. So every morning I would take a golf ball sized amount and work it into my scalp on dry hair and after 3 months I am happy to say that those hairs are growing back! No baldness for this girl!
Rachel Olivia Tindall
Now for the science-y stuff. Women’s Rogaine is the first and only FDA-approved over the counter hair regrowth treatment just for women. It reactivates your hair follicles to stimulate your hairs regrowth. Because it’s a foam, it’s easy to apply, fragrance-free and can be used with other products. So your serums, pastes, hairsprays and gels are still good. This product has 5% Minoxidil which is the highest concentration available. In a 6 month clinical study, where the participants used Women’s Rogaine once a day it was clinically proven to regrow hair in 81% of women. Wow! That really is amazing! That’s not all, on average hair also grows back 48% thicker than before. So if you have thinning hair, this product really is for you. Can you imagine, after using this product daily, your hair coming back in thicker than ever before?
Rogaine hair Wolford White Bodysuit
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