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Working Out in Zara Terez –

Are these pants cool or what? I love Zara Terez for their wildly cool leggings and even their sports bras are awesome. Simple yet trendy if that makes sense. I think I mentioned before that I was planning on adding more topics on To Hell in a Handbag with fitness and nutrition being one or two of them. So today I am starting off with showing you some simple exercises that I enjoy and that really get results. Also, for this post we were back home in Florida visiting my in-laws. My mother-in-law (Patti Tindall) happens to be the manager and one of the personal trainers at Rosemary Beach Fitness Center. It’s a small facility but so beautiful and the equipment is the top-notch! The photos here were taken in the gym’s courtyard.

IMG_2658 IMG_2655Above is the Zara Terez 5-Tier Elastic Strap Sports Bra. I love this color and unfortunately they are sold out but they have more beautiful colors like the black, steel and coral.
IMG_2664 IMG_2560Total outfit: Zara Terez Muscle Tank,  Lightening Capri Leggings, Sports Bra, New Balance sneakers, Polar Loop 2, and Mira Fit bracelet.
IMG_2564 IMG_2571One of my favorite exercises is the kettlebell swing. “The kettlebell swing is ideal for weight loss because it’s no impact and it torches fat like no other workout can” (source). Plus this exercise is fun and works almost all major muscle groups.
IMG_2573 IMG_2585This exercise is pretty self-explanatory. Squats. Gots to be working on the booty! Tweek it by holding a dumbbell in each hand.
IMG_2589 IMG_2676 IMG_2681 Rosemary Beach Fitness Center 1 Rosemary Beach Fitness Center Medicine BallNext up I do some ab work starting with a medicine ball. I could be wrong but I think this is called a Roman Twist with a Medicine Ball. Basically you sit on a mat with your knees bent, lean back until you feel the tightness in your abs and holding the medicine ball twist using your stomach muscles back and forth for about 30 reps.
IMG_2600 IMG_2613Then it’s crunches on a stability ball (or swiss ball or balance ball). Doing about 3 sets of 20 reps you will be working the ab muscles that give you a “6-pack”. First sit on the ball and then roll out so the ball is sitting on the middle part of your back, if you need it put your hands behind your neck for support. Just make sure when crunching not to pull yon your neck. I put my hands closer to my ears and touch very slightly to make sure my abs are doing all the work. Lean back completely so when you crunch you work all the muscles and return to that position for each crunch.
IMG_2626 IMG_2630And finally is one of my favorite exercises for the glutes and it’s one that you see in a lot of barre classes. A standing leg turnout is great because you really feel the burn and the movement is very small, just pulses really. Lightly touch a bar, a wall or the back of a chair, extend your leg behind you with a pointed toe and pulse up and down about an inch for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
IMG_2639 IMG_2648
And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my first fitness post, there will be more to come because I am a bit of a fitness program junkie, The Skinny Confidential, Tone It Up, the Bikini Body Guide, etc. Also don’t forget that cute exercise clothes makes it so much easier to get your butt in gear so definitely check out Zara Terez for incredible options!

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    Nice clothes for active sports.

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